Kathy Morris
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More about Kathy
The first thing you notice about Kathy is her stand-out personality and sense of humor. But what s under the surface is fierce independence and determination. Perhaps that s because she is the youngest of nine children. As a youngster, it was survival of the fittest, especially at meal times. She grew up in the 60s in Glasgow, Scotland. There were hard times, but they taught her how to think, resolve problems and be persistent in what she does, which shows up in her life and career today.
Kathy has vast experience in the world of real estate investing, having been involved in hundreds of short sale transactions, as well as public speaking on the same subject. She has helped many families in desperate situations go on with life and survive foreclosure. She also has international experience and knows many people worldwide whom she can use for connections, ranging from Realtors, relocation specialists and investors. These life and career experiences have helped to stamp the mantra,Proactive. Prepared. Partners.on their brokerage.
Prior to real estate, Kathy worked in the manufacturing industry (from clothing, potato chips and recycled aluminum to mountain bikes and beer). At age 25, she became the first female warehouse manager in the history of Bass Brewers. In the 80s, this was quite the achievement. It also led her into Operations Management, which (like real estate) meant juggling many balls at the same time to get the work done.
In her 18 years of being an investor and Realtor, she has personally owned 17 rentals and sold millions of dollars in real estate for others. As the Broker/Owner in charge of the firm, she prides herself in running the business on a referral basis. Some clients have been with her since 2010, doing multiple transactions, and referring their family members and friends to her as well.
Her mission is to excel as a respected, professional Realtor. It gives her great joy to assist her clients.
Mona Depew
Realtor, GRI, e-PRO
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More about Mona
Mona Depew knows exactly where she belongs in or around the water. At the ripe age of four, when most children are preparing for kindergarten, she began competitive swimming. As a young adult she was named Texas State Champion and Junior Olympic medalist. When that reign ended, she became a scuba instructor. And today, she resides on Lake Norman, enjoying the water every day.

Since her championship swimming days, she has lived in California, Texas, Massachusetts and North Carolina. She has been in real estate for 20 years, selling single family homes in Massachusetts and North Carolina. She has experience in relocation, including many connections throughout the United States to help provide her clients with a smooth and seamless moving experience. Perhaps most importantly, she understands the complexity of moving with small children as well as teenagers. It's these experiences which have helped shape their company mantra,Proactive. Prepared. Partners.which Mona seeks to demonstrate every day in her interactions with her clients.

Mona began her 30 year sales career in computer sales, winning many awards and recognition events. As one of the few females in that industry in the late 70s and early 80s,she attended the Kentucky Derby with her company peers (170 men), proving that she simply cannot be intimidated. From there, she took her super hero sales skills to real estate.

Mona has sold millions of dollars of real estate for others. And now as a Broker/Owner, she prides herself in running the business on a referral basis, doing multiple transactions with the same families. She understands the power of clear communication. She and Kathy have created a true 2-for-1 professional partnership, meaning they are both familiar with their client s transactions at all times throughout the process. They believe strongly in providing the type of service that leaves no one guessing, lost or uninformed.